About Samantha 

Founder & Expert Waxologist 

Growing up as a military daughter, I’ve never truly had a place that felt like home. One thing that always stayed true was my early passion for the extraction process whether it be hair, blackheads, or breakouts, and to hone in on my skills, I recruited all my high school friends. Naturally I headed to cosmetology school after graduation and once I began the waxing portion, I found my true passion! 


For a brief time, my career path was placed on hold as I became a mother to three beautiful children. Motherhood was the start of a new journey towards consciously choosing a holistic lifestyle that focuses on all things whole and pure for both our bodies and for Mother Earth. Extending this knowledge into my salon, taking time to carefully research and consider all products, is of utmost importance when making selections. 


With growing children, it was time for Uprooted Waxing to be established. Training under some of the best in the business, I have developed a space that provides unparalleled customer service, a quick and efficient technique, and a seemingly painless touch, while using high quality products.